• Lower Costs

    Save an average of $1.00 per gallon on fuel costs by converting your vehicles.

  • Go Green

    Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions by up to 25% by using alternative fuels.

  • Buy American

    Lower our dependence on foreign oil by 90% when utilizing American-made fuels.

  • Convert Your Vehicle

Change the Fuel - Not The Vehicle.

American Alternative Fuel can help you convert your existing vehicles to run on clean, American-made alternative fuels. We specialize in aftermarket EPA-certified conversion systems that drastically lower costs, reduce emissions, and lower your dependency on foreign oil.

About Us

American Alternative Fuels is a leader in bringing practical Alternative Fuel Technology to the fleet vehicles of America.


A limited number of U.S. vehicles are currently certified for for conversion. Each conversion must meet stringent EPA and/or California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements.


The federal government and other organizations provide tax credits and grants to support alternative fuel vehicle conversions.

Calculate your savings

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